Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Still Waters

Still Waters Run Deep

This is how a friend recently described Hubby... Apt description. He blushed a bit at the compliment and joked how Josh might back peddle if he discovered the leaning stacks of cheesy comic books on the nightstand. Now I'm not saying that his stacking tendencies don't occasionally make me consider that pyromania might be the only solution, but enthusiastic love for superheroes is part of his makeup. Even if Josh changed his opinion, I will always love my comic book-nerd, film-geek hubby.

Here is Hubby's current comic book love.
The Green Lantern

He tried to explain lanterns to me, but I just don't get it... oh well. How does that mini mask stick to that guy's face anyway? Adhesive? I don't see any strings there... And who decided that if you've got superpowers the only prudent course of action is to run around in a leotard with a mask super-glued to your face? I guess I can't judge though, I spent about 20 years of my life in a leotard. Maybe I'll write a gymnastics post someday...

Back to my point... A flattering compliment from a casual acquaintance, but it struck me, because it rings so true.

This is the perfect phrase to sum him up. Still Waters Run Deep.

Hubby is calm, measured, and level. The most loyal man I've ever met. Sometimes almost to a fault. Almost... and then I remember that I am the one who most benefits from this loyalty. Hubby's is a quiet confidence. He has no need to show it off, or push it in anyone's face. He doesn't worry much about clothes... or hair... or shoes... or what anyone else is doing.

Instead, he does his own thing. And very well. We recently found out that the teaching job he just landed (wrote about the job the other day) had 4000 other people apply for it. That is just insane.

Under Hubby's calm surface the waters run extremely deep. Makes me think of the fjords in Norway. Some of them are narrow enough to pitch a stone to the opposite shore, but run thousands of feet deep. Hubby's like that... and it's a lovely thing.

I've been lucky enough to experience both.

Thanks to studio Jfish on flikr for the photo :)
I didn't feel like digging in the closet to find mine...

On my own, although I'm hard-working and enthusiastic, I'm also frazzled, panicky, and a bit scattered. I'm always concerned about making a good appearance. I glance around a lot. He rubs off on me though... calms me down and helps me to focus.

Look at him watching Lilly.

She's thrashing around and he's just watching her sort it out. Lilly takes after me... which makes my mom sorry she wished a colicky baby on me for years. But that's another story. Lilly needs her daddy... he'll temper her to. She is lucky to have him.

I think I mentioned I love him...

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