Thursday, September 24, 2009

Waves and Curls

It is your destiny little girl...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Baby Races

Whenever we meet someone else with a baby Hubby always excitedly suggests a baby race. Nobody's taken us up yet. Well, Lilly has always had a lightning fast look about her. Maybe they're intimidated?

Speedy Newborn Lilly Jean
Another example

So the other day a bunch of people were commenting on a friend's Facebook photos. It went something like this... "I want to hug your baby *hug*"... "My baby wants to hug you *hug back*"

So precious... babies, puppies and balloon rides galore!

My warm and fuzzy Hubby continues this exchange with "My baby wants to challenge your baby to a knife fight."

This is why I married this man.

Yes, we're wierd

Sometimes Lilly gives kisses... Sometimes she just chews on my face.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Seed Bom!!

"Fight the filth with forks and flowers" -Richard of Guerrilla Gardening.

These are Seed Boms! Looks an awful lot like seeds pressed into nice bio-degradable paper. Oh yeah, in the shape of a grenade! Just in case they weren't awesome enough!

I haven't engaged in any guerrilla gardening yet but I love the idea of helping out the poor leftover and unwanted spaces in our built environment. A little snack or beautiful flowers would be the result of this "illicit gardening."

A bit more matte than shiny, but this is something I love!


First Notes

This morning Lilly and I went with Anna and Carson to First Notes.

First Notes is a music class for babies and toddlers. Miss Julie, the teacher, does a wonderful job! She engages the kids individually and the group as a whole with her voice and movement supported by a colorful series of props and instruments. Lilly was CAPTIVATED the entire hour!

One thing I'm loving about Lilly's budding personality is her fearlessness. We arrived as class was ready to start, so I plunked her on the floor while I took my shoes off. Lilly immediately took off and crawled to the center of the circle... checking everyone out! Lilly is an outgoing and fun little girl!

We had a blast singing, dancing with sheer scarves, ringing bells, riding in the parachute with colorful balls, rocking, and playing! Can't wait till next week!

Thanks to these folks for flickr pics... I didn't have my camera today :(

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nine Months Old!!

My almost-walking, 14 lb 6 oz, baby girl Lilly!

One sunny morning this week I decided we'd put Lilly in a cute dress and head outside for a walk... and I'd bring the camera along to see if I could capture some nice pictures. It's too late to ask Anna this time, so if I couldn't do it then I was out of luck! I felt a little pressure to get it right.

Here's the problem with pressure. I never want Lilly to dread taking pictures. I've been checking out photo blogs lately. The folks who capture amazing images always seem to be HAVING FUN!! The photographer is having fun... the people in the photographs are having fun! That's how I want to take pictures... Find something wonderful to do, take lovely photos to remember the good times had.

Oh! The Fall Leaves!! Endless Fascination!!
Lilly's fourth season!

I'm still learning to use the DSLR I got for my birthday... but THIS is why I wanted it sooo very baddly! Lilly is NINE MONTHS OLD! And I can take finally decent pictures to document the occasion!

Images I'd be happy to have in a frame

The old railroad bridge in Rockford.
I'm glad to have a shot of it before we move...
even if it's a bit dark and noisy.

I am by no means a professional photographer. I have a L O N G way to go before I can meet my goal of taking good exposures in any light. If anyone ever reads this you can feel free to tell me how to improve. But this is where I am right now in my learning process. And I have to admit I'm pretty pleased with myself!

I'm already a creative professional, so this may be a bit easier for me to pick up than your average joe. It's my job to communicate ideas with images. I understand composition and color and know how to use tools like Photoshop. I strive to use photoshop with a light and invisible hand. There are a lot of CHEESY photoshop effects out there.

Just because I can, doesn't mean I should.

A light hand for my sweet lovable little girl!