Monday, July 27, 2009

The Cottage

Here is the Cottage...

Thanks to Spuma for the picture! (Love you Spumy!) I need to remember to zoom out a bit every now and then when I'm taking photos. I usually concentrate on cropping out the background to help focus on the subject. But sometimes it's nice to understand the place as well. Especially when you're in such a loverly location!

Here's Lilly with her very first mouthful of sand! Yummy!

She was a little nervous about the sand and stones a few weeks ago. If you set her down, the little feet would retract. Hillarious... I may have done it a few more times than was absolutely necessary :) You gotta find something to laugh about when you live on so little sleep!

This evening she wanted to get right in there and taste everything... which understandably made grandma a little nervous.

I know, I know... blurry, but I love her little fingers :) So sue me!

In my defense, I'm blaming the blur on my catlike reflexes... had to keep this stone from becoming dinner for my little girl. Now that was a classic wifey shot... very macro. All sand and water and hand. and blur... drat.

Here is a classic Hubby shot... Very angular, taking in the location.

Wanna know why I like this one... cause I look thin :) Hey! I just gave birth... I'm allowed to be a little vain about it! Disclaimer: There will be absolutely no macro photography of my legs. Eek! No amount of Photoshop could clean up that image. I'm not trying to give anyone nightmares here!

I love that little pear shaped baby!

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