Wednesday, June 17, 2009

All Together Now

Wow... That about sums it up. wow.

I am so proud of my Hubby today. He was pink slipped from his job this spring and has been chasing leads for jobs in the fall. Let me tell you, they are few and far between in Michigan these days. I wouldn't be surprised if a thousand teachers apply for every opening.

This morning he was offered a teaching job in East Grand Rapids! Then he called his district to let them know and they guaranteed him a job as well!!! TWO JOBS!! I feel like I might explode, I'm that excited! And relieved... and teary... and PROUD.

Here he is after the interview... Cleans up awful nice :)

I think I mentioned that I love him :-)

We still have some big decisions to make, but now we're steering the boat.

Feels Good.

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