Monday, August 17, 2009

Candy Colored

I left the city. No Really! I did! I got in the car and drove away... Crazy, I KNOW! Ms. Milkjugs got out of town. I took Lil to Kalamazoo area to visit with Michelle and check out the Michigan Fiber Fair.

It's such a treat to spend time with Michelle!

Funny side note:
I get PAID to make maps. The folks who write my checks clearly haven't been let in on my dirty little secret... a severely underdeveloped sense of direction.

Here's my defense for my Kalamazoo area wanderings... Lil was fast asleep for the first part of the trek. I listened to NPR. Sooo relaxing, life was good. Then the screaming began right before I got off the highway. In trying to calm her down I didn't figure out I'd chosen the wrong exit and driven the wrong direction for about 30 minutes.

Hubby teases me for good reason.

In the end even Lilly would say the trek was worth the anguish. The fiber festival was wonderful. We wandered the miles of candy colored yarn. Lilly loved the color, he people, the ANIMALS!

How is it possible to have curlier hair than mine?
Somehow these goats found a way.

Lilly and I with an angora bunny!
I loved the same things as Lilly. Plus spending the afternoon with Michelle! She just happens to be one of the kindest, most thoughtful and talented people to grace this blue planet. I love her!

Here she is holding Lilly :)

Michelle and I made big plans for knitting this winter :) Especially since we are moving within TWO BLOCKS of the coolest knitting store in GR, City Knitting! I got some goodies to use at the Festival. Lilly was gifted a lovely felt ball just for being adorable. I bought some delicious green yarn to make a scarf. It's hand spun, hand dyed... GORGEOUS! We also picked up a neat felted lavender soap scrubber. These would be great Christmas gifts!

Bales of freshly sheared wool...
should have taken a shot of the poor naked sheep :)

Michelle and her husband Jake have the coolest house and property. There are fields, a stream and wetlands. They are working on clearing out all the invasive species. They also have a couple barns, a fenced veggie garden and a wild and crazy German Shorthair who sprints like it's his job! How did i miss a photo of him?

Here's their house. It fits them perfectly!
Lillies! I notice all lillies now that my daughter shares their name!
Isn't the barn stunning?!!
Lunch plucked from Michelle's garden! YUMMM
What a great getaway! When Lilly wakes up from her nap I'm going to call Michelle to chat :) Hopefully we'll make plans to get together soon!

Love ya Michelle!

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