Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Roll Over

Hubby is funny. Real Funny.

Here's an example. We have been watching Mad Men. It's written by the same folks who wrote The Sopranos, so you knew it was going to be good. Anyway we were up late the other night and had just finished watching an episode. I mentioned how grateful I am to live with far less defined gender roles than our grandparents.

I know, I know this coming from the stay at home mom. who likes to sew. and bake. and garden....

But I DO work from here. Has anyone noticed the silence for the last month? Didn't think so, but anyway I have been working a lot. It isn't just about being allowed to work these days. The attitude is totally different than when my grandparents were growing their families. Hubby really respects what I do for a living.

Here's a couple samples of my recent renderings of designs.

Anyway. My recent work is really pretty off the subject.

The point is: Hubby is FUNNY. And it was very late. We were both feeling a little silly and sleepy.

I brought up how in a recent episode a woman's clever turn of phrase was compared by a man to a dog doing a trick. Hubby immediately suggested I roll over. HAHA!

I've been chuckling for days over that one :)

Here's a cute dog... She knows a few tricks :) Goof ball.

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