Monday, September 14, 2009

First Notes

This morning Lilly and I went with Anna and Carson to First Notes.

First Notes is a music class for babies and toddlers. Miss Julie, the teacher, does a wonderful job! She engages the kids individually and the group as a whole with her voice and movement supported by a colorful series of props and instruments. Lilly was CAPTIVATED the entire hour!

One thing I'm loving about Lilly's budding personality is her fearlessness. We arrived as class was ready to start, so I plunked her on the floor while I took my shoes off. Lilly immediately took off and crawled to the center of the circle... checking everyone out! Lilly is an outgoing and fun little girl!

We had a blast singing, dancing with sheer scarves, ringing bells, riding in the parachute with colorful balls, rocking, and playing! Can't wait till next week!

Thanks to these folks for flickr pics... I didn't have my camera today :(

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